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Industrial Brakes

  • Drum brakes according to DIN 15435
  • Brakes for steel works and heavy duty operation according to HWN 1964 and DIN 15435
  • Disk brakes for electro-hydraulic thrusters
  • Safety disk brakes
  • Special constructions for electro-hydraulic, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical or magnetic thrusters
Procuct picture Industrial Brakes

KoRo IBS Disk Brakes

Disk brakes

Disk brakes
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Special Features:
  • the fitting dimensions correspond to the industrial standard, thus interchangebility is guaranteed
  • the brake can be delivered in following designs:
    right hand design R (as pictured)
    left hand design L (reversed image)
  • the tangential arrangement of the brake shoe levers and a strong construction form make it possible that high brake torques can be achieved without squealing
  • a big lifting gap at the brake lining as well as adjustable stops at brakes shoe and brake shoe lever guarantee a sufficient removal of the brake shoes from the brake disks even under unfavourable operating conditions
  • a closed spring tube will protect the spring from damage and contamination
  • brake torque adjustable, brake torque moment scale with Nm-graduation
Functioning principle:
  • braking by spring power
  • lifting by thruster
  • brake torque adjustable
  • brake closes in case of power failure (fail-safe principle)
Construction form:
  • brake shoe levers arranged tangentially to the disk
  • brake spring and electro hydraulic thruster arranged laterally
  • brake shoe lever in double-webbed steel design
  • adjustable positive stops for brake shoes and brake shoe lever
Option and Accessories:
  • automatic wear adjustment AVN
  • different lining qualities and coefficient of friction
  • greaseable bearings (bushings)
  • stainless steel pull rods
  • hand lifting device
  • special painting
  • limit switches and monitoring devices for brake indication, brake lining wear, a.s.o.

Lining Carrier, Linings, Disk Brakes and Hubs acc. to DIN 15432 and DIN 15436

Disk brakes Bremsbeläge



  • SBB-51
  • SBB-SM

SBB-51. Brake side and contact surface round, highcompressed, high density, tough preformed, grey black, asbestos free.

SBB-SM. Compression moulding sintered metal-friction material based on non-ferrous metals and special metal-free anorganic components to control the friction. Physical properties, extremely low wear, no stick-slip effect, goes easy on contact material.

Disk brakes Belagträger

Lining Carrier

With bounded linings acc. to DIN 15 436


  • SBB1
  • SBB2
  • SBB3
Disk brakes Bremsscheiben

Brake Disks

Brake disks according to DIN 15 432 for SBB Disk brakes. Design with and without hub.


  • made of steel St52-3 manufactured from solid
  • special brake disks

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