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Electrohydraulic Thrusters

  • Electrohydraulic Thrusters according to DIN 15430 and TGL Norm with all extras, tensions and frequencies
  • Repair service of our own products and products of other brands
Picture Electrohydraulic Thrusters

KoRo IBS Electrohydraulic Thrusters

The thrusters meet all DIN requirements

Vertical, Horizontal or In-between possible


Double Pole Squirrel Cage. Enclosure to IP65.
Insulation to VDE 0530 Class F.

Voltage and Frequency:

Standard voltage 230V/400V at 50 Hz, or 290/500V at 50 Hz.
All other ac voltages and frequencies are available.

Service Conditions:

All our thrusters are suitable for continuous running in ambient temperatures up to 50°C. (service conditions S1 – VDE 0530)

Switching Frequency:

Suitable for up to 2000 switch operations per hour.

Ambient Temperature:

From –25°C to +50°C

Additional Equipment:
  • Limit Switch (mechanical or inductive)
  • Throttle Valve – for stepless reduction of the thruster recoil speed
  • Fast Switching – when normal piston lowering time is too long
  • Brake Spring (c-spring) – for brake aplictaion and control of the brake force
  • Re-setting spring, same mode of operation like c-spring with smaller resetting forces
  • Damping Spring (d-spring) – to damp random oscillations of the brake (only effective in conjunction with a c-spring)
  • Heating for applications where the ambient temperature is less than -25°C

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